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We feed your carreer across Canada

Head office St-Hyacinthe

2200, avenue Pratte St-Hyacinthe, Qc, Canada, J2S4B6

The head office of Olymel, a limited partnership and subsidiary of Sollio Groupe Coopératif is located in St-Hyacinthe and employs more than 200 people. Along with members of the executive team, head office employees take care of the company's overall administration, in addition to managing corporate affairs, finances, procurement, swine production, the environment, engineering, operations, human resources and information systems. As the leading Canadian pork and poultry agrifood processing company, Olymel has 22 plants and 5 distribution centres in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan and Alberta. The company employs 12,000 people, 8,000 of whom work in Quebec. It primarily markets its products under the Olymel, Lafleur and Flamingo brand names. In the pork sector, the company exports more than half of its production to over 65 countries. Its annual sales exceed 4.5 billion dollars.

Anjou plant

7800, rue Grenache, Anjou, Qc, Canada, H1J1C3

Located in the Montreal metropolitan area, the Olymel facility in Anjou specializes in meat slicing and vacuum-packed products. More than 150 people work in the facility, which can process a weekly product volume of over 250,000 kg on two work shifts.

Berthierville plant

580, rue Laferrière, Berthierville, Qc, Canada, J0K1A0

The Olymel facility in Berthierville in the Lanaudière region specializes in chicken slaughtering, butchering and boning and has a weekly capacity of nearly one million birds. The facility has more than 425 employees and its operations are spread over three shifts. The plant manufactures fresh products, such as trussed chickens for rotisseries, and various cuts.

Drummondville plant

255, rue Rocheleau, Drummondville, Qc, Canada, J2C7G2

Olymel operations in the Drummondville facility focus on bacon manufacturing and serve both the domestic and export markets. The plant has over 500 employees working in various functions on two shifts. With state-of-the-art technological equipment, the plant's production activities include flank injections, smoking, pressing, cutting and pre-cooked bacon production. The facility manufactures bacon in bulk, packaged, sliced or cured products for house brands including Olymel and Lafleur, as well as for many private labels.

Princeville plant

155, rue St-Jean-Baptiste N., Princeville, Qc, Canada, G6L5C9

The hog slaughtering, cutting and boning plant in Princeville in the Bois-Francs region employs more than 400 people. With its weekly slaughtering capacity of 13,500 hogs, its production operations focus on various cuts of pork and boned products for the Asian market.

St-Damase plant

249, rue Principale, St-Damase, Qc, Canada, J0H1J0

Specialized in chicken slaughtering and butchering, the St-Damase facility in the Montérégie region has nearly 400 employees working on three shifts. Its weekly slaughtering capacity is of about one million birds. The plant produces fresh chicken in various cuts.

St-Esprit plant

125, rue Saint-Isidore, St-Esprit, Qc, Canada, J0K2L0

The Olymel hog slaughtering, cutting and boning facility in St-Esprit in the Lanaudière region employs over 1,000 people and has a weekly slaughtering capacity of 40,000 hogs. The plant's operations are spread over two work shifts. The plant produces various cuts of pork, chilled pork and vacuum-packed products. Its products are primarily exported to Japan, the United States and Mexico.

St-Henri plant

183, Route du Président-Kennedy, St-Henri, Qc, Canada, G0R3E0

The Olymel agrifood further processing plant in St-Henri-de-Lévis, on the South Shore of the City of Québec, has long been associated with the manufacturing of Lafleur products, a Quebec deli meat brand that's over a hundred years old. In this plant, over 500 people working on two shifts prepare a wide range of products, such as smoked sausages, emulsified sausages (bologna, salami, pepperoni), ham and many other deli meat products. The facility's operations also include product slicing. The St-Henri-de-Lévis plant's total weekly production capacity exceeds a volume of 1 million kg.

St-Hyacinthe plant

1425, rue St-Jacques, St-Hyacinthe, Qc, Canada, J2S6M7

The St-Hyacinthe plant now focuses most of its operations on rendering fats (like lard) and oils. Its facilities are also used for storage of frozen foods products with a capacity of 1,400 pallets. The plant employs 70 people and operations are spread over two work shifts, 5 days a week.

St-Jean-Baptiste plant

3380, rue Principale, St-Jean-Baptiste, Qc, Canada, J0L2B0

The St-Jean-Baptiste-de-Rouville facility is located about 30 minutes south of Montreal between St-Hilaire and Rougement mountains. The plant has been co-owned by Olymel (68%) and Exceldor (32%) since 1996. As the largest turkey slaughtering, packaging and boning company in Canada, the plant has an annual slaughtering capacity of over five million birds. It has a CO2 anaesthesia system for birds, which complies with the highest standards of animal welfare, in addition to being the system best suited to heavy turkeys weighing up to 20 kg. The facility has nearly 450 employees working on three shifts. It produces fresh and frozen whole turkeys, vacuum-packed products and boneless turkey meat.

St-Jean-sur-Richelieu plant

770, rue Claude, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Qc, Canada, J3B2W5

The Olymel plant in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu employs more than 130 people whose work is spread over three shifts. This agrifood further processing plant manufactures a variety of products ranging from poultry cold cuts to tournedos, chicken skewers, turkey roasts and diced chicken.

Ste-Rosalie plant

3250, boul. Laurier Est, Ste-Rosalie, Qc, Canada, J2R2B0

The Ste-Rosalie (city of St-Hyacinthe) facility's operations include boning and the manufacturing of further processed chicken products as well as frozen products (IQF). The facility employs more than 500 people and its operations are spread over three work shifts 7 days a week, depending on the production sector. The plant's production is divided between house brands belonging to Olymel and many chicken products for private labels.

Trois-Rivières plant

531, rue des érables, Trois-Rivières, QC G8T 7Z7

The Olymel facility in Trois-Rivières is dedicated to the further processing of pork products, such as the manufacture of blocks of cooked ham, as well as the preparation of niche products like head cheese and cretons. More than 170 employees work at the Trois-Rivières plant on two shifts. The plant exports a large part of its production volume, mainly to the United States.

Fernandière Trois-Rivières plant

12 500, boul. Louis-Loranger, Trois-Rivières, QC G9B 0L9

L'usine La Fernandière de Trois-Rivières est depuis plus de 50 ans spécialisée dans la production de saucisses fraîches et d'autres produits de charcuterie qui ont fait sa renommée. Depuis son acquisition par Olymel en 2016, sa superficie a doublé et l'établissement emploie plus de 200 personnes. L'usine La Fernandière produit et commercialise des saucisses sous les marques La Fernandière et produit également des saucisses fraîches et à déjeuner pour les marques Olymel et Lafleur, ainsi que pour des marques privées. Après des investissements de près de 10 millions de dollars en 2016 et 2017, l'établissement dispose désormais d'une capacité de production de 20 millions de kilos annuellement.

Vallée-Jonction plant

568, Chemin de l'écore sud, Vallée-Jonction, Qc, Canada, G0S3J0

The Olymel hog slaughtering, cutting and boning plant in Vallée-Jonction in the Beauce region employs more than 1,200 people on two work shifts. Located in a swine producing area with a weekly slaughtering capacity of 35,000 hogs, the plant manufactures boned products, various cuts of pork and chilled pork. A large part of its production volume is exported to foreign markets, namely to Japan, the United States and Mexico.

Yamachiche plant

860, chemin des Acadiens, Yamachiche, Qc, Canada, G0X3L0

ATRAHAN Transformation Inc., an Olymel Division, is a family business founded more than 60 years ago in Yamachiche, in the Maskinongé region. The facility specializes in hog slaughtering, cutting, boning and processing. Acquired by Olymel in 2015, the facility has about 400 employees spread over two work shifts and has an annual slaughtering capacity of nearly 1 million hogs. Its products are exported to over 50 countries, namely to Japan, China and the United States. In 2016, the announcement of a partnership with Groupe Robitaille in Lucyporc, a hog slaughtering, cutting and boning company also located in Yamachiche, resulted in an investment amounting to over 100 million dollars, which will allow Lucyporc and ATRAHAN Transformation Inc., an Olymel Division, to merge their operations within a larger and completely redesigned plant in 2019. This redesigned plant, which will be able to employ over 1,000 people, will thus have operations focused on value-added products, namely chilled pork products.

Boucherville distribution center

1580, rue Eiffel, Boucherville, Qc, Canada, J4B5Y1

The Olymel distribution centre in Boucherville has a capacity of over 10,000 pallets. Nearly 150 employees work there around the clock, 7 days a week. The facility stores and distributes fresh, processed and frozen pork and poultry products destined for the domestic market or export.

Iberville distribution center

725, Avenue St-Thomas, St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, QC J2X 2M9

The Olymel warehouse in Iberville (West Montérégie) has a capacity of 3,500 pallets and serves for the storage and distribution of pork products for export. Nearly 20 people operate the facility on three shifts.

St-Bruno distribution center

1149 Marie-Victorin, St-Bruno, Qc, Canada, J3V6R6

Olymel also has a distribution centre in St-Bruno-de-Montarville, in the Longueil municipality. More than 40 employees are involved in operating the facility, which stores products to be shipped to numerous export markets worldwide.

St-Simon distribution center

171, rue St-Edouard, St-Simon-de-Bagot, QC J0H 1Y0

Olymel also has a distribution centre in St-Simon for the storage of frozen pork products for export. The facility has some twenty employees working on two shifts and has a capacity of 3,400 pallets.

Sales office in Boucherville

1580, rue Eiffel, Boucherville, Qc, J4B5Y1

The Olymel sales office in Boucherville, on the South Shore of Montreal, employs more than 225 people. Its operations include national and international sales, product marketing and Olymel brand management, technical services, research and development as well as credit and collection. The administrative centre is also responsible for managing five other Olymel sales offices: in Toronto, Ontario; Red Deer, Alberta; Tokyo, Japan; Sydney, Australia and, lastly, Seoul, Korea.

St-Valérien-Machinerie Olymel Inc.

1367, rue principale, St-Valérien-de-Milton, QC J0H 2B0

Machinerie Olymel Inc., is a production equipment manufacturing, installation and modification workshop. Machinerie Olymel employs 50 people, while the engineering department has about thirty employees.

Transport Transbo Inc.

170, rue St-Edouard, St-Simon-de-Bagot, QC J0H 1Y0

In St-Simon, Montérégie, Olymel has a garage and the facilities needed to maintain its fleet of trucks, which operates under the name Transport Transbo Inc. More than 160 employees are assigned to the maintenance of rolling stock and Transport Transbo Inc. product shipping operations, which run around the clock.

St-Valérien, engineering service

1362, rue principale, St-Valérien-de-Milton, QC J0H 2B0

The Olymel engineering department, the St-Valérien facility in Montérégie is also a parts storage and supply centre serving all the company's plants. The Olymel engineering employs thirty employees.

Employee Market - St-Hyacinthe

3080, rue Morin, St-Hyacinthe, Qc, Canada, J2S2J1

Since it started its operations, Olymel has provided its employees and retired employees, as well as employees of its owner, La Coop fédérée, with a store where all Olymel manufactured products are available at discount prices. Formerly known as the St-Jean Market, now called the Employee Market, this private store employs about 15 people. All house brand products are available along with prepared dishes. Many Olymel branded promotional items can also be purchased, such as cups, glasses, caps, bags and many other practical items.

Brampton plant

318, Orenda Road, Brampton, On, Canada, L6T1G1

The Olymel plant in Brampton, Ontario, specializes in the further processing of poultry products and employs nearly 320 people on several shifts over a 7-day week. The plant produces breaded and frozen chicken products (IQF).

Brampton Westwyn plant

14, Westwyn Crescent L6T 4T5

The Olymel Westwyn facility in Brampton, Ontario, specializes in the boning and portioning of poultry meat. It employs 315 people working on three shifts, 5 days a week. The plant supplies Olymel poultry further processing facilities.

Cornwall plant

2330 Industrial Park Drive, Cornwall, On, Canada, K6H7N1

The Olymel plant in Cornwall, Ontario, has a wide production ranging from slicing operations and pre-cooked bacon manufacturing to the production of smoked products, such as pork legs and picnic hams. Nearly 400 employees work on two shifts at the plant, which is conveniently located near main highways, allowing it to serve not only the Canadian market and larger centres like Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, but also providing easy access to the American market.

Red Deer plant

7550, 40th avenue, Red Deer, Ab, Canada, T4P2H8

The Olymel hog slaughtering, cutting and boning plant in Red Deer, Alberta, is one of the largest and most modern facilities of its kind in Canada. It is a world-class facility with a weekly slaughtering capacity of more than 45,000 hogs. The company employs 1,450 people assigned to several product lines, including various cuts of pork, seasoned pork, vacuum-packed products and chilled pork. The facility also produces a range of fresh sausages for the Western Canadian market. The Red Deer plant also serves several export markets, mainly in Asia and the United States, in addition to supplying the Western Canadian market.

Red Deer distribution center

7550, 40th avenue, Red Deer, Ab, Canada, T4P2H8

The Olymel slaughtering, cutting and boning plant in Red Deer, Alberta, also has a large warehouse with a capacity of 12,000 pallets of products, as well as a distribution centre operating on three shifts. These facilities employ 160 people. A wide range of fresh and frozen pork products, as well as bacon and processed poultry meats, are stored there for later distribution.


Olysky (Big Sky Farms)

10333, 8th Avenue, Humboldt S0K 2A0

Olysky is an Olymel wholly owned subsidiary. Through this subsidiary, Olymel acquired all of Humboldt's Big Sky Farms Canadian assets in Saskatchewan on January 20, 2013. The Olysky facilities have an annual production of 1.2 million hogs thanks to their livestock, which amounts to over 52,000 sows. These facilities are primarily located in Saskatchewan and, in addition to the herd, include breeders and genetic nuclei, sow barns and finisher facilities, mills and transport operations. These Olymel swine production operations employ more than 400 people and supply, amongst others, the large Olymel pork slaughtering, cutting and boning plant in Red Deer, Alberta.

New Brunswick

Sunnymel plant

465, rue Principale, Clair, Nb, Canada, E7A2G6

The Sunnymel chicken slaughtering and butchering plant located in the village of Clair in Haut-Madawaska, New Brunswick, is the result of a partnership between Olymel and the largest poultry producer in New Brunswick: Groupe Westco. The plant is equipped with the latest generation technology and state-of-the-art facilities that give it an hourly slaughtering capacity of up to 14,000 chickens. The facility employs nearly 160 people and serves the Maritimes markets and other distribution networks in Quebec and Ontario with a variety of fresh poultry products.

a large, fast-growing corporation

Olymel has experienced rapid growth since its inception in 1991, and its manpower needs increased as it grew. Because it is aware that its success depends largely on the commitment of its employees, human resources management has always been a priority for the company.

Proud of our brands and products

olymel flamingo lafleur

Olymel supply the brands you know

Olymel sees innovation as a key factor in its success, so it attaches tremendous importance to improving its products. By listening to its suppliers as well as its customers, the company keeps abreast of new consumer trends in order to better meet consumer expectations.

The effectiveness and pertinence of Olymel human resource programs have also been recognized and rewarded several times in recent years.

Social responsability

our commitments

Olymel distinguishes itself not only through the quality of its products, but also the way it produces them. With its awareness of the dangers that threaten the planet, the company wants to feed the world in a sustainable and responsible manner to preserve our world for future generations.

We feed the


Thinking about tomorrow

Its approach to corporate social responsibility is structured around four main pillars that cover every segment of its business. In each pillar, numerous achievements demonstrate its commitment to the future of the planet and the long-term well-being of its inhabitants.

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